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Toptracer, the world’s leading ball-tracing technology, today unveiled “Driving Challenge,” which taps into golfers’ insatiable desire to drive longer and straighter. “Driving Challenge” joins a robust line-up of game options at its 350 Toptracer Range locations worldwide. 

Toptracer is on a crusade to grow the game through bold, innovative technology and gamifying the range experience. Toptracer’s “Driving Challenge” allows golfers of all skill levels to “grip it and rip it” in a risk vs. reward nine-hole game scoring both distance and accuracy. 

“The tee shot is golf’s most visceral experience. Toptracer has harnessed that raw power in a competitive nine-hole game created specifically for our range technology,” said Toptracer President, Ben Sharpe. “Our ongoing goal is to build an environment filled with traditional and non-traditional golfers who enjoy the game on their terms. We are providing a positive experience for people of all skill levels that elevates the entertainment value of the game.”

Each drive starts with a virtual flyover of the hole to help determine an aiming point, while a heat map shows players where best to place their drive to achieve maximum points. Up to eight users can simultaneously compete, teeing off on nine holes, all of them being par 4’s or par 5’s. Points are awarded for the length of the drive and its accuracy. If players don’t hit the fairway or the pin is obstructed from the next shot, there is a penalty. As with other game modes, players can sign into the Toptracer Range app to view progress and compare scores with friends. 

Check out the “Driving Challenge” and other new offerings such as virtual golf at Royal St. George’s, Bethpage Black and “Go Fish.” For your nearest location, please visit