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Darren Clarke CBD, the exclusive partnership between major winner Darren Clarke OBE and Sana Lifestyle, distributor and licensee of CBD and other plant-based wellness products, is adding premium CBD gummies to its existing range of CBD oils.

The gummies each contain 10mg of CBD and can be taken as a supplement by users of Darren Clarke CBD oils, or by themselves, and can be consumed at any point throughout the day; however, in order to get the best out of consumption on game day, Darren Clarke CBD would recommend chewing up to an hour before teeing off. Also included in the gummies are 12 different vitamins and minerals to give you a boost when out on the course.

What’s more, Darren Clarke CBD gummies each contain 5 HTP, a naturally occurring Amino Acid that is a pre-cursor to serotonin, and is designed to raise serotonin levels post-consumption, which can help to assist the brain with mood regulation. Darren Clarke CBD gummies’ inclusion of HTP is something that most other high-street CBD gummies simply do not offer, setting this brand-new product apart from others on the market.

Darren Clarke CBD gummies are a mixture of strawberry and orange flavoured are 100% natural, certified as non-addictive, contain 0% THC and are vegan friendly. As such, consumers can rest assured that the new product is safe to consume and is fully natural.

“I’m really excited to be adding a new product to our range at Darren Clarke CBD.” commented Clarke. “It’s great that we can expand our offering to consumers, and I’m looking forward to seeing what will come next for us. The gummies taste great and give a real boost on course so I can’t wait for golfers to give them a try.”

Commenting on the upcoming launch, Ben Hamburger, Managing Director at Sana Lifestyle, added: “We’re really proud to be offering a new Darren Clarke CBD product, it’s been brilliant to see the reaction in the golf community to the initial launch of our oils, and adding CBD gummies to the range gives us an opportunity to give consumers more choice when making a purchase.

“We can’t wait for golfers to give our gummies a try, and to see more of the community tap-in to the benefits.” Darren Clarke CBD gummies are available to purchase online at RRP: £20 per bottle