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Golf Genius, the leading provider of cloud-based golf software solutions, has announced a new long-term partnership with Golf Ireland that will provide the association with the required capabilities to elevate its vast schedule of golf championships and inter-club matches.

Through this partnership, the two organisations will work together to deliver more engaging digital golf events across the country on both a regional and national basis.

Currently, Golf Ireland delivers one of the most extensive tournament calendars in world golf, organising around 70 championships and approximately 30 inter-club competitions within each of its regions. This level of tournament activity alone equates to 35,000 rounds of golf annually.

This new relationship is all the more fitting given that Rory McIlroy is a shareholder in Golf Genius Software via his investment partnership, Symphony Ventures.

Guided by its extensive breadth of experience and expertise in working with other major golf associations, including England Golf, the Legends Tour and Golf NSW, Golf Genius will support Golf Ireland through its market-leading tournament management software and through an extension of its renowned customer support and development resource.

Craig Higgs, Managing Director of Golf Genius International commented: “This partnership is a truly exciting prospect not just for our two respective organisations but also for golfers across Ireland too, who will benefit from an enhanced event experience throughout the calendar year.

“To achieve this outcome, Golf Genius’ renowned customer support team will work in tandem with Golf Ireland throughout to ensure a successful transition and implementation of our digital event solution for administrators and golfers alike.”

Following introduction of Golf Genius into its calendar of events, a strategic plan has also been put in place for the duration of the partnership that will ensure Golf Ireland has built upon its existing toolset across multiple activity areas and event functions.

As a result, the partnership will deliver a range of tangible outcomes that benefit Golf Ireland’s event offerings in the short-, mid- and long-term.

“With the training and onboarding curriculum well under way to all those at national and regional levels, we are excited to get Golf Genius fully integrated into our events,” commented Mark Wherly, Director of Championships, Golf Ireland. “We are extremely confident that with Golf Genius, we can now offer a unique experience to all golfers involved in our extensive calendar of tournaments.”

To find out more about Golf Genius and how it can deliver greater efficiencies for your golf facility, you can book a free product demonstration here.