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Recent News


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PING introduced 10 new putter models today, each individually designed to achieve the proper balance of feel and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring look using various combinations of the company’s proven putter technologies.

The 10 models, consisting of high moment of inertia blades and ultra-forgiving multi-material mid-mallets and mallets, are available for pre-order beginning today for £280 (UK RRP). Each model can be custom fit for stroke type, length, lie, loft and grip type.

“What’s most exciting about our new PING putter models is how different they are from each other,” said John K. Solheim, PING CEO and President. “Rather than applying one common technology to every model, our engineers took a more singular approach, applying proven innovations to different head styles to improve the performance of our most popular designs while introducing some brand-new models. For example, several of the new models offer milled faces for a firmer feel and others provide a softer feeling insert. In the blade models, which includes the Tony Finau-inspired Anser 2D design, we put a priority on delivering high-MOI, clean-looking designs by placing tungsten weights in the heel and toe. The use of aluminum and stainless steel in the larger mallet designs has resulted in some of our most forgiving models to date, led by the Tomcat 14. Each model also provides confidence- inspiring alignment cues, from single lines to multi-line alignment aids. It’s a very diverse offering but the one thing they all have in common is they offer precision performance on putts of every length.”

A Model To Fit Every Golfer

Golfers can choose from high-MOI multi-material blades, mid-mallets and mallets. Traditional blades include the Anser and the Kushin 4 – both originally designed by PING founder Karsten Solheim – and the new Anser 2D. The new Mundy design, a multi-material traditionally shaped mallet, is named in honor of PING’s first business manager and long-time employee, Jack Mundy. The tour-proven DS72 and Prime Tyne 4 return with a new look and feel while ensuring the performance that’s earned them multiple trips to the winner’s circle in the last few years. Another new entrant to the mallet category is the Tyne G, a hybrid of the original Tyne and popular Fetch (complete with a “gimme” ball-pickup feature). All three stroke types (Straight, Slight, Strong) are represented within the 10-model selection.

Technology You Can Feel

From firm milled faces to soft-feeling inserts, the face technology is engineered based on feedback from our tour staff to match a variety of feel preferences and deliver control and consistency on putts of every length. Two face milling techniques, smooth (firmest) or shallow, are found in seven of the models while the rest deliver the soft feel of our PEBAX insert surrounded by the smooth or shallow milling.

Aligned For Accuracy

Knowing golfers respond to different alignment aids, the new putters offer a variety of solutions. Single alignment cues or multiple lines combine with appealing color blocking to match a golfer’s eye to inspire confidence where it matters most – on the green. The use of platinum and matte-black finishes in several models provides enhanced contrast to assist in alignment while creating a premium appearance. For golfers who prefer the simplicity and influence of a matte-black look, the Anser 2D, Mundy and Tyne G will best fit their eye.