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Shot Scope, the industry-leader in advanced GPS and automatic shot tracking technology, continues to push technological boundaries with its new course and hole analysis feature – expanding its extensive performance analysis offering to users.

Recent developments from the company have given Shot Scope users access to even more game-changing features, with an advanced game breakdown available to all those interested in their performance at specific courses or on individual holes.

Course-specific statistics give golfers a comprehensive map of how they typically perform at any given course. This feature will be most beneficial for home courses, with users traditionally tracking multiple rounds that can be broken down into useful data.

In addition to overall course analysis, the Shot Scope team has further advanced the performance data available through more specific, individual hole statistics. When looking at this data, it will give golfers a bespoke game plan for their home club, based on prior rounds at that course.

Information on up-and-down statistics from different areas, average score with different clubs off the tee, and heat maps of typical activity on each hole, will all be available to users to help shoot lower scores.

“I am really proud of the team here at Shot Scope, who continually show the determination to provide our users with the best possible experience,” comments Gavin Dear, CCO of Shot Scope. “It was our vision that golfers would be able to use these features to help them play their home course to the best of their ability and use the data provided to help with strategising out on the course.”

One statistic that offers a unique insight is the individual strokes gained ranking per hole. By compiling all rounds a golfer has played at a certain course, the Shot Scope software is able to compute a strokes gained ranking for each hole – which can then be compared to the course hole ranking. This also enables golfers to benchmark against players with similar handicaps on the same course, as well as comparing their performance against other golfers at their club.

Not only is this informative to the user, but also to coaches who can get a more detailed, statistically driven, understanding of how their clients are performing out on the course. The information can be used to structure and guide lessons, as well as helping golfers plan out their course strategy before an event.

Overall up-and-down statistics are displayed in a clear graph, highlighting the percentage from each miss zone – showcasing where a golfer traditionally makes the highest number of up-and-downs from. This interactive and visual display of data allows golfers to easily navigate the intricacies of their game, in what can otherwise be a confusing process.

When combined, the course and hole analysis features provide key awareness into how golfers can map their way round the course in a more efficient manner – comparable to a personal stroke saver, unique to each players’ game. The detail provided is tour standard, with golfers having the ability to gain a deeper understanding of all facets within their game.

The new analysis feature is available to all Shot Scope users who are currently using a product with shot tracking technology, including: V3, H4 and PRO LX+, and is accessible through the mobile app. To find out more, head to