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In June 2022, GMS assisted in facilitating the launch of Toptracer Range’s newest game mode: Toptracer30

The game puts players in 30 realistic virtual on-course scenarios, and measures how successfully the player navigates them. Each of the 30 shots hit provides data that accumulates a total score, designed to give the player accurate and objective feedback on their performance. Upon completing the 30 shots, players are given a ‘Performance Handicap’ which is an approximation of their performance if they were to hit those same 30 shots to those same resulting lies on a golf course.

The game mode launched at the back end of June, and was supported by influencer and media activations across Europe.

20+ media outlets

10 countries

£700,000 of media value

Over 1,000,000 video views

YouTube highlights

Michael Newton

Matt Fryer

The Average Golfer