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N.S. PRO Modus

Twenty PGA TOUR players who use Nippon Shaft steel shafts in their irons and/or wedges are eligible for this year’s FedExCup Playoffs, which begin this week.

Nineteen of the 20 are scheduled to compete at the $8.75 million Northern Trust, which tees off today (Thursday) at the Glen Oaks Club in Westbury, New York.

Four of the players use the N.S.PRO MODUS3 Tour 105 shafts; seven use the MODUS3 Tour 120s; two use the MODUS3 Tour 125s; six use the MODUS3 Tour 130s; five use the MODUS³ WEDGE 125 shafts and one uses the MODUS³ WEDGE 115 shafts, according to Hiroyuki Fukuda, sales and marketing for Nippon Shaft worldwide.

“Nippon Shaft is very proud that 20 of the players who use our shafts on a week-to-week basis also will be using them during the FedExCup Playoffs,” Fukuda said. “This is the time of year when players need to perform their best and we hope all of ours play well in the coming weeks.”

Six players using Nippon Shaft products have won tournaments during the PGA TOUR’s 2016-17 season, including the Masters, for 20 total MODUS³ wins globally this season.

Over the years, Nippon Shaft recorded hundreds of victories on professional golf tours worldwide, as the best players in the world increasingly choose to install in their irons steel shafts manufactured in Japan to unparalleled quality standards.