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Adventure Leisure Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Burhill Golf and Leisure Limited (BGL Golf) has announced that it is to completely rebrand its four Adventure Golf venues, along with its existing interactive website.

Designed to enhance the user experience, the plan will see the company further pursue the new strategic growth of leisure activities, as well as exploring new and emerging recreational pursuits.

Adventure Golf is an emerging arm of sport in the UK that has been developed from existing ‘miniature golf’ themes.

Through the use of animatronic characters, sound effects and lighting, each venue is spectacularly themed and provides universal appeal in the form of an outdoor activity destination for evenings, weekends and school holidays.

The rebranding will be based upon a fictitious character named Mr Mulligan whose stories of pirate, dinosaur and sea adventures come to life through the game of golf. These three different themes will be used across the venues to create a range of enjoyable experiences in a variety of adventure styles.

Hugh Knowles, Operations and Development Director at Adventure Leisure, commented: “We are extremely excited about the rebranding of our Adventure Golf venues and feel it will further enhance what is already the perfect place for families, friends and colleagues to have fun and enjoy being together.”

“We are constantly striving to provide the best adventure golf experience in the UK, and see the all-round customer experience as paramount to the services we provide. Our four high-quality facilities all offer exceptional customer care in order to maximise our customers’ overall experience.”

You can experience the new Mr Mulligan Brand by logging onto the website