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Arabella Golf Mallorca is firmly committed to caring for the environment and reducing plastic waste across its portfolio of golf courses; Golf Son Muntaner, Golf Son Vida, and Golf Son Quint.

All three courses are ceasing the sale of plastic water bottles and, instead, will provide players with reverse osmosis purified, mineralised water fountains that dispense both still and sparkling water.

Each pro shop is selling refillable aluminium Arabella Golf Mallorca water bottles for €5 that golfers can use to refill on the course and around the property as often as they wish.

The introduction of the new water bottle policy is yet another sustainability measure that the resort has undertaken as part of its environment plan which has led to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 6.6% year-on-year in 2018, as measured by environmental specialists, CRM Synergies.

In fact, Arabella Golf Mallorca has had a beneficial impact on the environment, absorbing substantially more CO2 than it releases, with a positive differential of 1,980 tons – the equivalent emissions of roughly 400 cars over the period of a year.

The extensive and revolutionary grass upgrade that the resort implemented on Golf Son Muntaner to radically reduce water consumption has been a major factor in compensating the CO2 emissions of the company.

Bernat Llobera, Area Director, Arabella Golf, commented: “We have made it a priority to invest in ecological measures wherever possible, and our commitment to remove plastic water bottles at our courses is another example of how we are implementing this.

“We fully embrace our role in helping to make positive changes and are proud to offer a first-class golf experience that goes hand-in-hand with sustainability and caring for the environment.”

The investment and commitment into being environmentally-friendly has enabled Arabella to be the only golf course in Spain accredited by ISO 14001 and EMAS (Community Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) with the System of Environmental Management certification.

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