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The founder of British watch brand ETIQUS, which offers elegant timepieces exclusively designed for golfers, has successfully secured a patent from the European Patent Office for his golf timepiece invention.

This grant is in addition to the US and UK patents that entrepreneur Gary Butler already holds, putting him in position to partner with a major international watch manufacturer to take the ‘golf timepiece’ concept worldwide – particularly into the luxury end of the watch market.

The term ‘golf watch’ is traditionally associated with GPS-based devices that golfers wear on their wrist, predominantly while playing the game, to provide course information, swing tempo, performance data and other stats.

However, Butler has long believed that there is a gap in the market for traditional, horology-based wrist watches that passionate golfers can wear – mainly off the course – to show their love for, and knowledge of, the game.

“My concept for a credible golf timepiece is exactly that,” Butler commented. “A watch that captures, through its design and function, the key timing aspects in the rules of golf which have been given even greater emphasis in the new 2019 modernised rules and are seen to be of real importance to a successful future for golf.”

He continued: “Traditional watches are typically one of the few pieces of jewellery most men will own and are mainly purchased on brand choice and the emotional connection with a favourite sport or pastime.”

“Mastery of golf is regarded as much about how the golfer behaves as their competency to play. If there was one key indicator in being recognised as a good golfer, it’s both the ability and awareness to play the game at a prompt pace.

“The unique bezel design of my timepiece clearly identifies the wearer as a golfer who embraces the unique spirit of the game of golf wherever and whenever they choose to wear it.”

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