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Foremost has just completed Europe’s most comprehensive public Equipment Survey on behalf of its Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) members, with nearly 30,000 golfers around the country providing them with details on their golf retail behaviour, including the brands they play now and their buying intentions for the future.

The annual, in-depth survey provides Foremost’s EMP members with a massive advantage by providing personalised reports based on data from golfers at their clubs.

Based on the vast amount of data collected, areas covered in the survey included analysis of retail, coaching, customer demographics, frequency of play and equipment by product category.

The reports received by Foremost EMP members compared their customers’ responses with those of the national average to enable the identification of opportunities and threats to their businesses.

The results of the survey will also allow members to ‘rifle-shot market’ individual customers that have stated they are looking to play a specific brand next, or that they require specific help and advice.

“We believe this is the largest and most comprehensive survey of golfers and their preferences in Europe,” commented Foremost Managing Director Andy Martin.

“It once again empowers our members with information to provide the best possible service to their customers, and contains a wealth of data that will help them maximise their sales this year.”

“This annual survey has become an invaluable marketing tool, allowing our EMP professionals to contact customers individually with specially targeted offers they are more likely to find attractive,” continued Martin.

The annual Equipment Survey is just one of many unique marketing innovations that Foremost EMP professionals have at their disposal, in addition to auto-populating in-store interfaces, personalised weekly newsletters and retail campaign signage.

Professionals interested in joining Foremost’s popular Elite Marketing Programme should contact Graham Starkey on +44 (0) 1753 218 913 or email