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As part of the latest series of developments to its Elite Marketing Programme (EMP), Foremost has launched its own online lesson booking system to enable its member professionals to efficiently manage their booking diary.

Thousands of potential lesson bookings are lost every year due to inefficient and inaccessible booking systems. Foremost has now come up with the perfect integrated solution to help make sure that its members don’t miss out.

Responding to member and customer demand, Foremost’s new, free-of-charge booking system enables professionals to optimise their booking diary and, crucially, it is continually promoted through the professionals’ existing EMP digital marketing communications.

Andy Martin, Foremost Managing Director, commented: “Many golfers find it difficult and frustrating to book a lesson; we wanted to build a solution that works for our members and their customers to make the whole process much easier.

“Many Foremost members have been actively looking to solve this problem with alternative solutions in the past, however bringing this into the EMP Premium offering saves them money and coordinates all activity under one banner.”

Consumers set up a mini-profile and can access the diaries of the pro shop and its teaching professionals, allowing for easy bookings and better awareness of availability.

Taking this process online makes it more convenient for customers to quickly book and pay for their lessons (optional service for professional to switch on) and allows professionals to maximise their income from teaching.

Foremost began introducing its new system through extensive beta testing with a select group of member professionals as well as member focus groups to get professional input.

Nevil Bland, of Brocton Hall Golf Club, took part in the initial beta tests: “The new system is excellent, and I’m really impressed with how it works,” he said.

“I’ve used two different systems in the past, but the new Foremost method provides everything I need in one place. It’s really easy to use, very quick and gives great feedback to customers when they book.”

Another member who has been using the system, Matt Bannister of Stevenage Golf & Conference Centre, has seen the benefits of a co-ordinated solution: “The great advantage for me is that I now have my diary, newsletter and website all synchronised, so everything is far more professional. I’m not missing out on business when I’m closed, which is hugely important to my earning potential.”

Stuart Wilson, Head Professional at Portlethen Golf Club, added: “It’s so much easier for clients to book online, without having to speak to me, meaning it will definitely help to drive business. The convenience side of it is huge and it makes me look more professional, meaning the whole system is more in keeping with people’s modern lifestyles.”

The system can manage bookings for lessons, fittings, playing lessons, demo days and more in a streamlined and efficient process.

Filling out demo days is essential to maintain good relationships with brands and, for customers, seeing what’s available and being able to quickly and easily sign up helps them get involved.

For more information on Foremost, visit, follow @ForemostGolf

If you are interested in joining Foremost, please contact Leanne Spence on 01753 218 891 or email