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EMP Premium Service

Foremost has unveiled the next stage of development to its industry-leading Elite Marketing Programme (EMP), with the advancement providing an unprecedented level of personalised digital communication for the leading retail and marketing group’s members.

With more than 380 PGA Professionals already reaping the benefits of Foremost’s hugely popular EMP, the new Premium Service will enable the group’s members to deliver profiling of individual customers on their database, with these profile splits dictating the relevant content that each customer will receive.

Foremost successfully launched EMP Premium to its membership at the recent Annual Conference, and virtually 100% of current members have already decided to upgrade to the advanced groundbreaking new service.

Improvements will enable customers to be targeted more specifically than ever before, with relevant content based on gender, ability and customer type providing a fully personalised communication. Members will also now be able to address each customer by name, adding a new level of personalisation to the content.

Commenting on the upgrades to the group’s already industry-leading digital marketing platform, Managing Director Andy Martin said, “It’s crucial for our members that their communications stay as relevant as possible to their readers. In such a rapidly changing digital age, it’s essential that their communications stay one step ahead of their competitors.

“If the communications can be more personal and more relevant, they’ll maintain and improve both their digital and customer engagement. The new EMP Premium Service represents the ultimate solution for creating engagement with customers through content that is more personalised and more relevant than has previously been possible,” continued Martin.

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