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2017 Spring Workshops

Hundreds of Foremost professionals once again benefitted from the retail and marketing group’s Spring Workshops which took place at member venues around the UK in February and March.

With the theme ‘20/20 Vision’, delegates focused on improving margin, stock turns and, ultimately, their profit, as well as how to strengthen their position within the golf club.

Peter Durham, Foremost’s Head of Membership Services, and Mark Hopkins, Crossover Technologies’ IT Sales Manager, compiled a packed agenda for the workshops, featuring exciting initiatives and proven strategies to boost the club professional’s profit and profile.

In the Crossover presentation, Foremost members were given an insight into how they can exploit every advantage from their EPOS system.

Mark Hopkins revealed how to use data to improve stock turns and margins – identifying best sellers and enabling professionals to become proactive retailers, avoiding margin-busting end of season sales.

Peter Durham focused on member engagement for professionals, helping them to raise their profile with club managers and committees.

Spring Workshop attendees were given details of an exciting new member induction programme, a structured process to help convert every membership inquiry into a happy, long-term member.

Other topics at the Spring Workshops included a new retail and coaching correlation programme, helping professionals to boost revenue from both income streams, and an update to the membership engagement programme which, last year, helped Sam Quirke from The Drift Golf Club to increase his annual profit by £15,000.

Other tactics unveiled at the workshops included a new 10-minute mystery shopper survey to quickly identify customer service strengths and weaknesses.

This year’s attendees have already been reporting significant increases in sales as a result of implementing various initiations and ideas discussed at the educational workshops.

The Spring Workshops represent the start of the 2017 Foremost Golf education programme. There are also new subjects for the numerous regional workshops, delivered throughout the year by Foremost’s membership services team.

These will include a sales training and staff development workshop, as well as a stock, finance and EPOS best practice workshop which, using multiple XPOS work stations, will give delegates the opportunity to participate in a practical, hands-on session using XPOS to reveal how best to extract data to better manage their businesses.

All Foremost workshops carry 25 CPD points and represent the group’s continued commitment to member education and personal development.

For further information on how Foremost members can take advantage of regional education, contact Peter Durham on 01753 218 891 or email

For more information on Crossover Technologies and their electronic XPOS system, email Mark Hopkins at