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Foremost professionals once again enjoyed record ball sales in the run up to Christmas thanks to the continued success of the popular annual Titleist Ball Personalisation promotion.

With 2015 signifying the sixth year that Foremost has supported the promotion, a record number of 328 of Foremost’s Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) professionals took part in promoting the campaign to their customers.

Since the inception of the promotion back in 2010 when 140 EMP professionals participated, ball sales across the group have grown by an incredible 247%, while 2015 vs. 2014 figures show an equally impressive annual increase of 32%.

The national Titleist ball personalisation campaign is open to all retailers and Foremost professionals, however it is the EMP member professionals that maximise the initiative each year.

Considering Foremost has over 1,000 members across the UK and Ireland, a staggering 71% of the Foremost dozen total was generated by the 328 professionals that received digital EMP content support.

“We are delighted that more Foremost professionals are able to take advantage of this campaign each year, but the knock on benefit is that this campaign reminds golfers that the professional is a retail destination at Christmas,” commented Foremost Company Director, Andy Martin.

Commenting on behalf of Titleist, Spencer Manning, UK & Ireland Sales Manager said, “The 2015 Titleist personalisation programme achieved record results in the UK & Ireland, with more consumers than ever choosing to personalise the No 1 ball in golf for Christmas.”

The Foremost group continued to play a leading role in the promotion, driven in the main by a record number of participating EMP professionals. This latest collaborative success story capped off what was an outstanding year for both Titleist and Foremost, and we are looking forward to further strengthening our partnership in 2016”.

More information about Foremost and the EMP, please contact Matt Lacey on 01753 218896 or email