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Foremost 59club logosForemost has announced an exciting new partnership with Europe’s leading customer service analysts and training provider, 59club, which will see members of the golf retail and marketing group benefit from a range of industry-leading resources.

The collaboration will assist Foremost professionals with training and measurement programmes engineered to enhance the customer service that they deliver to golfers in-store, as well as throughout the golf club’s business wherever there is customer contact.

An area that the United Kingdom has traditionally been weak in compared to those in the United States and other parts of the world, 59club specialises in providing the resources to improve and maintain ‘sales and service’ etiquette, in turn increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and profits in the process.

With most Foremost members playing a central role at the heart of their golf club, the need to shine when it comes to customer service and sales excellence has never been greater, both in terms of attracting new members and customers, as well as retaining current ones.

The retail and marketing group’s professionals are also spending increasing amounts of time with their customers, especially with the development of coaching and fitting studios, and as such it’s vital that the customer’s expectations are met.

As part of the partnership, members can utilise an approved collection of ‘excellence’ assurance tools which have been expertly engineered by 59club to serve the needs of the discerning golf retailer.

The specific mystery test audits and pre-set customer satisfaction surveys will pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses, empowering members to verify their standing with global comparisons against the industry average, the best performers and the groups own internal statistics.

59club are set to deliver the keynote presentation at Foremost’s Educational Conference in November, focusing on improving and then maintaining standards of customer service, with the end result being a boost to customer satisfaction, revenues and profits for Foremost members.

Commenting on the announcement, Foremost Managing Director Andy Martin said, “Our members aspire to provide the highest levels of service for their customers, and the 59club partnership will help to offer guidance or new ideas to members on how to achieve this.”

59club Director, Simon Wordsworth added, “It’s an honour to become the groups chosen Sales and Customer Service partner, and we relish the opportunity to inspire and assist members to further advance their sales performance and customer service etiquette.

“We look forward to meeting everyone in November, and in the mean-time our door is wide open to all golf and leisure personnel who strive to sell better, retain customer loyalty and gain referral business,” continued Wordsworth.