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Foremost Golf, the U.K’s largest retail and marketing services group, has announced a recent milestone for its EMP database profiling, with over 100,000 golfers signed up to receive targeted, more relevant newsletter content.

As part of the group’s extensive range of advancements to its industry-leading Elite Marketing Programme (EMP), enhanced customer profiling delivers benefits all-round; to the golfer, Foremost member and EMP partner supplier.

To opt-in to receive the personalised, more relevant digital content customers complete a simple mini-profile and now more than 100,000 golfers at Foremost member golf clubs have done so.

This tailored communication ensures that readers only receive information specific to their gender, ability and customer type, which has led to a dramatic increase in engagement rates across the group members’ cumulative database.

In particular, EMP database (customer) profiling has helped to deliver a far better retail interaction for women golfers as they now receive gender specific information on equipment, shoes and apparel, as well as access to the group’s e-commerce solution.

Andy Martin, Foremost Managing Director, commented: “We’ve been able to develop a solution that not only provides golfers with the type of information that is relevant to their game, but also increases engagement for the pro and achieves better targeted product placement for our EMP suppliers.

“Offering our members this upgraded service has allows them to communicate more directly and specifically than ever to their customer base and is just another way we’re helping to integrate and improve the customer’s purchasing journey from digital to in-store.”

Alongside EMP Social Media, a new Online Lesson Booking System and automated in-store Video Monitors, EMP database profiling makes up Foremost’s EMP Premium service which has helped member professionals deliver unprecedented levels of personalised digital communication to their customers in 2019.

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If you are interested in joining Foremost, please contact Leanne Spence on 01753 218 891 or email