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Golf Genius Software, provider of the most comprehensive and widely used golf tournament management system, has unveiled Quick Event Setup, a game-changing new feature that streamlines the steps to create simple, single-round competitions, helping users save even more time.

While customer satisfaction is already extremely high, as evidenced by the recently commissioned 59club survey, there was demand for a quick and easy way to set up basic format competitions, such as individual, one-round medals and Stablefords, that are common at most clubs.

To meet this need, Quick Event Setup only requires organisers to complete four simple steps to enter the minimal information needed to set up the competition, as well as quickly generate scorecards and other bespoke printed materials.

Quick Event Setup empowers a club professional or golf operations team to set up a daily competition and register players as they report to the pro shop. Scores are recorded for leaderboard and sweeps, as well as made available for handicap assessment.

If needed, users can easily navigate to the full set of advanced features that Golf Genius offers, including a full library of tournament formats, mobile app with live scoring, event web portals and more.

Commenting on the launch of the new feature, Craig Higgs, Managing Director for Golf Genius Software, said: “We’re always striving to improve the product to meet the needs of our customers based on the feedback we receive for them.

“While the complete set of Golf Genius features will remain just a click away, the addition of Quick Event Setup will prove to be an indispensable, time-saving asset to clubs when setting up both their regular events such as monthly medals and weekly roll ups.”

Quick Event Setup is now available to all users of Golf Genius. Here’s a short video to explain in some more detail how it works:

 Venues interested in receiving a free ‘More Fun’ Golf Genius demo should contact Craig Higgs at