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Jose Marquez has been announced as Sales Operations Manager of Toptracer Range for the regions of Spain, Portugal and Italy, and will oversee the expansion of the Toptracer revolution within these areas.

Marquez joins the Toptracer team with an abundance of experience within the golf industry in tow. He spent the last seven years working as a key member of the Hole 19 team, helping to develop an extremely popular GPS and statistic tracking app that has now amassed over 1.6 million users worldwide.

Marquez, excited to be a part of the ever-growing Toptracer team, had this to say about his appointment: “Having the opportunity to expand the reach of Toptracer Range within Spain and also break into the new markets of Portugal and Italy, is absolutely amazing. There is so much potential for us to grow in these regions and I am really happy to have this challenge ahead of me.”

Marquez’s primary responsibility is to showcase Toptracer Range technology to driving ranges and golf courses throughout the regions under his command. He added: “Many of the regions I am working in are untouched and unexplored for Toptracer. I will try to increase awareness of Toptracer Range within these areas and then help ranges and golf courses to utilise their facilities in a more profitable way.

“Most clubs in these regions really don’t utilise their driving ranges for business purposes, they see them purely as warm up areas, which means we have a massive opportunity to change the way golfers here think of practice.”

Toptracer Range represents an unmissable opportunity for golf clubs and driving ranges to expand their business and create more engagement with members and customers. Both beginners and regular golfers can reap the benefits of Toptracer Range; new golfers can enjoy seeing immediate achievement through winning points in games, and regular golfers can enjoy playing games but also use the technology to measure distances and review statistics after every shot.

Toptracer Range has the power to attract an entirely new demographic to a golf course or driving range. This market-leading technology enables four golfers to share each bay, in doing so providing a social experience that is incomparable to any other in the game of golf, and more closely resembles going to a bowling alley or to the cinema.

“Any new sites have an opportunity to generate a huge amount of profit through their ranges. The ability to offer a product like Toptracer Range elevates a site’s reputation to a whole new level.”

Once Toptracer Range technology has been installed at a new site, Marquez and his team will be on hand to provide an extensive aftersales service. Some of the key features are: the appointment of an assigned account manager for that club/range, assistance in commercialising the new facility, assisting the production of marketing resources, 24/7 help-line for technical queries and a monthly conference with fellow Toptracer Range owners.

In order to contact Jose to discuss Toptracer Range opportunities in Spain, Portugal or Italy, either head to and fill out the contact form for the relevant region or contact direct at

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