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PTS Evo Hybrid 1

PrideSports, the world’s leading manufacturer of golf tees, has announced an exciting new addition to its popular Professional Tee System (PTS) Evolution™ family with the introduction of the PTS Evolution™ Hybrid.

The newest member of PrideSports’ PTS, the PTS Evolution™ Hybrid, builds upon the success of the original PTS Evolution™ and now features a unique banded design for consistent teeing height and a thicker shank for added durability.

Manufactured from an environmentally-friendly wood/plastic blend,  the Evolution™ Hybrid is engineered with special low-resistance tips to create a more aerodynamic head which provides less friction between the ball and tee, resulting in longer drives.

PTS Evolution™ Hybrid combines the success of Pride’s proprietary Professional Tee System of colour coded tees that allows for easy identification of optimum length, with an improved shank design for longer lasting use.

Available for both drivers and fairway woods in lengths of 2¾” and 3¼” depending on clubhead size, PTS Evolution™ Hybrid tees are constructed from an eco-friendly wood/plastic blend in order to last longer while providing less waste throughout the manufacturing process.

The success of PrideSports’ PTS extends across a wide family of products, including the brand’s Titanium Strength and Micro Head tees, as well as being available in both plastic and wood. The system has quickly become a favourite of golf professionals around the world, establishing itself as the most used tee on the PGA Tour.

Founded in 1930 when the father and son team of Fletcher and Gene Pride founded the Pride Manufacturing Company, Pride Golf Tee is the world’s largest manufacturer of wooden golf tees, thanks to a state-of-the-art technology that enables the Company to produce hundreds of millions of tees per year.