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Recent News


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Foremost Golf is delighted to announce that 60 of its members have elected to sign up as new shareholders in 2015.

They join hundreds of existing shareholders who have benefited from an average 14% annual ROI every year since the current members’ share scheme was introduced in 2004.

This latest influx of new company shareholders comes at a time when Foremost’s total membership has risen to over 1,000 and membership of its acclaimed Elite Marketing Programme now stands at over 325 and is rising at a more rapid rate than at any time since the programme was introduced in 2007.

“I am delighted that so many members have chosen to invest their hard-earned money in Foremost,” said Foremost CEO, Paul Hedges. “It shows great confidence in the company and enables us to continue driving forward with new and innovative member benefits.

“The Foremost share scheme, unlike schemes operated by other organisations, ensures that benefits are provided to every member while at the same time rewarding their investment.

“This year will see members and employees investment in Foremost increase to more than £3 million. The fact that our members have the confidence to make such significant investment into the company is a source of great pride to me and all of the staff at Foremost,” he added.

Last year, Foremost Golf celebrated its 30th anniversary and bucked the economic trend by delivering continued growth. Independent figures produced by Datatech also showed that in 2014, Foremost grew sales in key categories including irons, balls and gloves in which both the off-course retailers and the group’s on-course competitors saw sales fall. 

The Foremost members also out-performed the green-grass average and off-course businesses in nine out of eleven key product categories. It is this sort of performance which has persuaded more professionals than ever before to join Foremost and become shareholders.

At a time when many golf retailers were struggling to maintain their business Foremost saw sales in the ‘iron’ and ‘shirt’ categories increase by over 10%, golf balls and bags by 4% and amazingly ‘electric trolley’ sales by 20%. 

The group has already experienced strong sales in the first 4 months of 2015 with the future set fair for Foremost members.

For more information on Foremost go to or follow @ForemostGolf or by contacting Matt Lacey on 01753 218896 or email