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Foremost Golf has announced an exciting addition to its already popular Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) with the launch of a new in-store interface that will provide its EMP members with bespoke, auto-populating advertising content.

The innovative new interface system will serve as an extension of the existing personal golf services and retail marketing offered to Foremost EMP members by displaying relevant marketing material on monitors that will be strategically positioned in individual member shops.

The monitors, which will be individually populated by high-resolution advertising banners promoting the suppliers that each professional stocks, will extend the comprehensive marketing support that already exists on the EMP website platform.

With a central database containing information on supplier selections for every member professional, Foremost are in a unique position to deliver this extension of marketing for the benefit of both the professionals and the EMP suppliers by populating each in-store interface unit with relevant promotions.

The provision of the bespoke information and graphics by the Foremost EMP support team will ensure that the content, which changes dynamically and is populated to co-ordinate with the rest of the professional’s digital marketing, will be communicated directly to the in-store EMP monitors without the manual loading of any content.

Commenting on the new EMP in-store interface, Foremost Company Director Andy Martin said, “It’s such an exciting development as it facilitates the integration of the digital marketing from our EMP newsletter, website, and special mails, with physical, in-store marketing. Our members already receive a free EMP A-frame with co-ordinated free product launch and retail campaign signage, but this takes the programme to a new level for our members.

“What’s even more exciting is that this is just the start of what we are able to do with this technology. We’ve already had a record number of our EMP professionals respond to the recent ‘opt-in’ communication, and we’re looking forward to installing EMP monitors all over the country in the coming weeks,” continued Martin.

For more information about Foremost and it’s Elite Marketing Programme, please contact Matt Lacey on 01753 218896 or email